Bharatnatyam Interactive:- Performance Workshop
The Assembly House Trust are proud to have supported a dance workshop as part of Young Norfolk Arts Festival.
Bharatnatyam is a classical dance originating in Southern India. The event was presented Viji Moorthie and students as part of YNAF:
“Thanks a lot with the help for this years YNAF program. The children very much enjoyed taking part and as always it both gives them a opportunity to showcase the art outside of the Indian community. They ranged in ages from 5 to 21 and performing as part of the YNAF certainly impacts their confidence and motivation as I can see in class. The feedback from audience was very positive some had only heard last minute. So more advertising would be a target for next year. They particularly commented on explanations of narrative. It also as opened discussion of working with the Norwich Cathedral School running a workshop.
Recently I found my students are reluctant to speak about their art or share it with friends at school etc in-spite of being passionate they are also a bit embarrassed. I was very surprised and disappointed about this. In a recent meeting with Indian dance teachers from other regions this turned out to be standard across the board. However performing at mainstream venues and being part of a mainstream festival like the YNAF helps place the art in a more ‘acceptable’ in the children’s eyes. This is an intangible benefit of being part of the YNAF that the I have certainly noticed and appreciated.

A key help this year was venue cost not being a limiting factor. We usually self fund and depend on tickets to cover costs however this year we would not have had the initial funds to risk that. The Assembly House’s support enabled this and provided a suitable and beautiful venue which we would consider again. The staff were very helpful too.

Overall it was a very positive and rewarding event.”