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The Assembly House Trust are proud to announce that the winner of The Assembly House Arts Prize 2018 is Keziah Philipps.

The Assembly House Arts Prize 2018 is a new award for emerging artists in Norwich and Norfolk.

Moth 2 - Keziah Philipps

Keziah Philipps is a printmaker and animator, after graduating from Kingston University in London, she has returned to Norfolk. Keziah plans to produce a new collection copper etchings, inspired by the landscape of her home county.

“I returned to Norfolk after graduating in London and rediscovered a deep appreciation for my home county.

Each of these drawings is a print from a copper etching. I visited places within Norfolk to create a map of the journey and the places. These map-drawings are reactions to time and place, moments and people. Often conveying a moment or a feeling of the place; transient elements that a map may not conventionally show.

The drawings act as both maps and snapshots of time. I hope the etchings might promote travel to the places or encourage the viewer to see the places differently, or even simply to think about places in their own life that they appreciate and enjoy. “

Keziah’s new collection will be on display at The Assembly House from 9 July to 15 September.