Registered Charity Name: The Assembly House Trust

Charity Registration Number: 1111391

Charity Scheme Document: Download PDF

Company Registration Number: 05486947

The Trustees

Mr P Norton (Chairman)

Mr C Dugdale

Mrs J Jury


Patron: Sir Nicholas Bacon Bt

Objectives and Activities

The objectives of the Charity are for the benefit of the public to preserve, renovate and keep in good order the buildings known as The Assembly House in Norwich so that they may be used primarily for charitable and other purposes and in particular:

• To provide and promote the use of the buildings known as The Assembly House in Norwich for the benefit of the public, particularly those living in Norfolk and Suffolk, in pursuance for the following purposes:

• Promotion of the arts, in particular the performance of plays, drama, music, opera, ballet and any other works of art, the showing of films and other visual images for educational, scientific or artistic purposes, the exhibition of pictures, drawings, sculptures and other artistic, literary or scientific works;

• To provide a meeting place and otherwise assist in the provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation for the people of Norwich, Norfolk and Suffolk, provided it is in the interests of social welfare and to improve their conditions of life; and

• Such other charitable purposes for the benefit of the public as the Trustees think fit and which are exclusively charitable under the law of England and Wales.

• To promote the preservation and conservation of The Assembly House for the benefit of the public.

Public benefit

The Trustees confirm that they have had due regard to the Charity Commission’s guidance on public benefit. The Charity adheres to and continues in its remit to advance its objects, these being promoting the arts, culture, education and heritage. The Charity can demonstrate that it recognises its responsibility to all sectors of the public and further can demonstrate that through its continued commitment to: the preservation of the building which affords free public admission to the building; through its support of art exhibitions which affords free admission to all; and through its support of concerts and concert series which offer ticket price banding recognising the various socio-economic groups within its potential visitor profile.

Therefore, the Charity’s benefit to the public is continuing and clear. With the development of its activities which embrace education for both children and adults alike, the Charity continues to secure the future of the historic/heritage site both externally, through a a developing outreach programme of activities, and in its internal events which demonstrate that the advancement of its remit is paramount.

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